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Ways Footballers Are Training at Home

Intense training is a necessary component of a footballer’s weekly routine. Still, with players on lockdown and self-isolation across Europe, new ideas are needed to stay fit ahead of the current season’s resumption or start a new one.

Most players on the continent are forced to practise at home. Some have detailed how they are practising in the current situation or uploaded their makeshift programmes on social media. Here’s a breakdown of the approaches employed.

It’s all about the family.

Most parents find it critical to keep their children occupied at this time. While Thibaut Courtois watched Frozen II with his children as is customary, his Real Madrid teammate Lucas Vazquez had other plans. Vazquez shared a photo of himself performing push-ups in the garden with his young son on Instagram.

A few weeks ago, Man United’s Lee Grant said that he would be taking a similar strategy, adding that his family would be accompanying him. At the same time, he completed planned sessions supplied to him by club coaches.

“I’ll be pulling the kids into getting involved next week, seeing as they’ll be off school,” he stated last month in a virtual hangout on the club’s website. It’ll be a type of comprehensive family fitness/PE bonanza.”

Meanwhile, Juventus winger Douglas Costa recruited the help of a four-legged pal, sharing a video of him attempting to deceive his dog with the ball on social media, along with the translated caption: ‘And I pass quarantine like this.’

Training sessions via Zoom and other forms of surveillance

Some clubs maintain track of their players’ activities during the break.

Wolves defender Matt Doherty disclosed on the club website that players have a GPS on them so the club can track them.

“Training in the current environment is challenging,” he remarked. There is no one to babysit you, so you must have the mental discipline to do it. It’s on your own back if you don’t do it.

“At the moment, you’re running, but for what?” You have no idea when your fitness will be required?”

Bayern Munich has also taken advantage of technology, employing the conferencing website ‘Zoom’ to connect throughout 75-90 minute gym sessions.