Top 3 SEC Football Teams for the 2009 College Football Season

As the 2009 college football season approaches, anticipation is high, especially for fans of the Southeastern Conference.

Coming from another national betopolis championship, thanks to commanders Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators, the SEC was a proud conference in the championship’s long tradition. If you’re looking for a smooth path to soccer betting, you might not want to look any further than the SEC soccer brand.

After all, in many preseason football polls the SEC counts four top-ten teams, including Florida, Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss. While Ole head coach Miss Houston Nutt has traditionally choked on pressure when expectations are high, the other three teams are still strong. And before you start betting on football for this season, check out the impact this team is set to make in the college football world.

Alabama: Big Nick Saban moved to Crimson Tide state to shake many cages, but no more than those found in Louisiana. The coach has built a legendary reputation on the Louisiana State University campus, where he won the national championship and two SEC championships during his tenure from 2000 to 2004. After a professional career uninspired with the Miami Dolphins which only lasted one season, he made his return to the SEC with a different team. The Crimson Tide, in their two seasons under Saban Guardianship, won the Western SEC division once and hold the No.1 team in the domestic slots until Florida knocked them off their throne at the end. from last season.

LSU: If the LSU Tigers have a grudge against Nick Saban, it clearly hasn’t been shown yet. Since Alabama’s new head coach left Tiger in 2004, LSU has enjoyed additional SEC and national championships, in part thanks to advice from Miles supporters. After a disappointing 2008-2009 season which saw Tigers close to defeat against challenging talent with talented Razorbacks (in their first year under new head coach Bobby Petrino, no less), you can bet it’s is an itchy program for redemption.

Florida: It’s very difficult to do this team analysis without focusing on coaching. Saban and Miles are both very successful coaches, but the real story when it comes to speaking out is with the Florida Gators. In just four years, head coach Urban Meyer has won two national championships. And that was after being undefeated in a short time with Utes Utah. Meyer developed a reputation as a person who prepared his team. His brief career, in addition to the national title, included two SEC Championships and two Western Mountain Conference Championships. He already has a Hall of Fame career, but will that be enough for the 2009 college football season? Only time will tell.

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The road to the national championship goes through the SEC. step into the action for a relaxed and helpful Saturday.