Super Bowl 43 – January Kick Off

It’s less than two months away from The Super Bowl.

The climactic event of American football’s National Football League is by far the most important football game in the world and arguably the United States. The Titans started the season with a perfect 10-0 record before getting clobbered 34-10 at home by the New York Jets. They have bounced back to win their last two games for an impressive 12-1 mark, good for a two-game lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers at AFC. In each conference, the four division winners qualify for the playoffs along with the two teams with the next best records. If that ends now, the Giants, Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and Minnesota Vikings will live on as winners of the NFC division. The Giants and Cardinals have won their respective divisional crowns. The Tampa Bay Bucs and Dallas Cowboys will qualify as two wild card teams. At the AFC, the Titans, Steelers, Jets and the Denver Broncos will be crowned division champions if the playoffs start today. Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts will get the last two positions. Securing one of the two best records at any conference is essential, as the team completing the task gets the first-half bye of the playoffs. The other four playoff teams at each conference must play their opening round matches in the postseason to reach the semifinals of the conference, where the top two seeds will await. As a result, the Giants and Panthers currently have the best chance of reaching Super Bowl 43 from NFC, while the Titans and Steelers look good in AFC.

The Giants are looking for their second Super Bowl trophy in a row.

Last season they wowed the New England Patriots, who were unbeaten at 18-0 going into their final game. This year, New England is 8-5 and in the struggle for its division title along with the Jets and Miami Dolphins. Skipping the playoffs would deny New England a chance to win its fourth Super Bow in nine years. Tennessee has never won the biggest NFL prize, but the Titans last reached the Super Bowl in 2000, when they fell to St. Petersburg. Louis Rams. Three weeks remain in the NFL regular season as 32 teams continue to battle for playoff positions. When the season ends at the end of December, the playoffs will start with the first weekend in January and at that point the road to Super Bowl 43 will really begin.