NFL Super Bowl XLIV Miami

NFL means National Football League. It is the premier association of American football and the super bowl is the NFL championship game.

The majority of American television viewers watch the NFL super bowl.

The day the game is played is considered a national holiday in America and is also known as Super Bowl Sunday. Today is also America’s second largest food consumption day. The popularity of the NFL championships can be compared to Thanksgiving Day. The major American television networks compete for the exclusive broadcast rights to broadcast the game. Investing in advertising is very expensive in this game because if a company only gets a 30 second commercial slot during the game it will cost one million. So for this reason the company is showing their most expensive advertisement for this broadcast. The reason commercial slots are so expensive is that if an ad is shown during the game then it gets huge exposure and a lot can be made out of it. The NFL (National Football League) and AFL (American Football League) were once rival leagues in America. The two leagues formed a merger in agreement. Under the agreement, it was agreed that the second league championship team would play in both AFL and NFL championship matches until this merger continued. Each league becomes a conference after forming a merger and the conference champions play in the NFL Super Bowl games. January 15th day in 1967 was the day when the NFL Super Bowl was played for the first time in America. The name Super Bowl was given by Lamar Hunt who was a founding member of the AFL (American Football League). The name Super Bowl came to mind after seeing his children busy playing with the super ball. Each game is identified separately in the Super Bowl. To identify each Super Bowl game, Roman numerals are used. In 1967, Super Bowl I which was the first NFL Super Bowl game was played and in 2010, Super Bowl XLIV which will be the next NFL Super Bowl game will be played.

This time the NFL Super Bowl will be played at the Landshark stadium, Miami.

In recent years, Landshark stadium has hosted many football events of which four are Super Bowls and two are World Series. In 2010, Landshark Stadium will host the NFL Super Bowl for the fifth time and this Super Bowl event will be the ninth for the entire Miami area. The Super Bowl XLIV event will officially begin on February 7, 2010. Super Bowl XLIV will make Florida a busy state as fans come to the Landshark stadium to watch the game live. Hotels, restaurants and inns are all prepared to entertain fans and tourists alike. Landshark Stadium has also been prepared for today with a seating capacity of 65,000 fans. Cheap Super Bowl XLIV tickets are now on sale for the game to be held on February 7, 2010 in Miami Florida to provide promo code “44” at checkout at to get 5% off your Super Bowl 44 tickets.